Technology won't replace 'having an adviser in your corner' – HSBC UK video – Mortgage Solutions

Speaking on Mortgage Solutions video debate in association with HSBC UK, Chris Pearson (pictured), head of intermediary mortgages at the bank, said: “Having a trusted adviser in what can be quite a complex mortgage market with thousands and thousands of product choices… will remain key for the majority of customers. 
“I think we will augment that with technology enablers.” 
He said the hybrid model would be “absolutely key” in the future but while components of the industry were using technology, an “ecosystem” had to be built to bring this into co-ordination. 
Jo Carrasco, business partnerships director at Stonebridge, said there was a fear that technology would take over and there would not be a place for advice, but she said it was “more and more necessary now”. 
She added: “Advice will still be there, and I think people will wanting to reach that advice in ways that suit them so I think we’ll see the trend in how customers want to communicate, with us, with their lenders… that will change.” 
She said the use of apps may increase but that would need to be centred around advice. 
David Baker, managing director of Lift Mortgages, said in the midst of all the technological advances over the years, the thing that had never changed was the quality of advice. 
He said for clients, having an adviser “who is genuinely in your corner” would not be replaced by technology. 

*Filmed on 1 August   
Watch the full video [11:45] hosted by Shekina Tuahene, commercial editor at Mortgage Solutions, featuring Chris Pearson, head of intermediary mortgages at HSBC UK, Jo Carrasco, business partnerships director at Stonebridge and David Baker, managing director of Lift Mortgages.    
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