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I see a lot of Orthodox Jews object to whistling. Do you know any reason why?
There is no issue in Jewish law with whistling. In fact, it’s brought down that a person can whistle on Shabbat since it does not resemble the decree against playing music instruments on Shabbat (Rema to Shulchan Aruch O.C. 338:1).
Nevertheless, some authorities considered it an inappropriate behavior for Jews. There is a common Jewish perception that whistling is behavior typical of non-Jews, indicating an overly carefree manner. (“Goyim fayfen” – non-Jews whistle, or: “A Yid fayf nisht” – Jews don’t whistle.) There is even a superstition (not necessarily Jewish, though well-known to Jews) that it attracts demons. So although there is no real issue with whistling, especially if you are not doing it as a sign of a lightheaded, easygoing manner, it has always carried with it somewhat of a negative association for Jews.
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